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choosing the right trade partner at election time: a kiwi’s guide

Voting is choosing, just like choosing a tradesperson for a job at home. Whether you’ve got a plumbing hiccup, need drain unblocking, require gas repair, or are in dire need of an emergency response, selecting the right trade professional for you is critical.

▢  Qualifications and Registration:

In New Zealand, most trade jobs, especially plumbing, electrics and gas repair, require specific qualifications. A registered Trades Professional has met our national standards, has spent at least four years training, and knows their stuff.

▢  Experience:

An experienced Trades Professional is likely to have encountered and resolved a wide range of issues. This is especially crucial when you’re faced with complex situations. Say, for instance, drain unblocking might sound straightforward, but a seasoned pro with state-of-the-art equipment will know how to address the problem efficiently, and without causing additional problems.

▢  References:

Check out their track record, online reviews and word of mouth can give you a clear picture of their previous work. A company that has done a good job in the past is likely to do it again and again. After all, you wouldn’t want just anyone dealing with a gas repair or handling a plumbing emergency at your place.

▢  Communication:

Good communication is gold, it’s essential that your trade partners can break things down into simple steps, so you know what’s happening every inch of the way. You shouldn’t be left in the dark, especially when it comes to potential costs, timelines, or any disruptions you might face.

▢  Values in the workplace:

Finally, when choosing a Trades Professional, consider their values:

    • Honesty: A trade professional should always be upfront, whether it’s about the costs, potential risks, or the expected outcome. Doing the right thing is important.
    • Reliability: When they say they’ll be there, they should be. Especially in an emergency situation, you need a team that does what they say they will.
    • Professionalism: This isn’t just about doing a job well. It’s also about technical expertise, respecting your home, cleaning up after the job, and being courteous. People who pursue excellence!
    • Innovation: The best organisations always stay updated with the latest in their field. Whether it’s a new technique in drain unblocking or a tool that makes a gas job more efficient or safer, innovation can save you both time and money. Look for a group that can hear, think and grow.

So, just like having a good think before arriving at the ballot box, when you’re in the market for a trade company, look beyond just the immediate job at hand. Take the time to find someone who not only has the skills but also operates with a set of values you respect. Just like Auckland Plumbers Group.