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New Zealand Master Plumber of the Year

New Zealand Master Plumber of the Year

When Andrew Durrans assumed leadership of Auckland Plumbers Group in 2013, he envisioned a transformation from a mere plumbing company to a beacon of customer service excellence. “We felt by becoming a customer services company, we would really grow as a business,...

Hot Water Quarter

Save $150 and say goodbye to ‘icy daggers’ in the shower Are you tired of  ‘icy daggers’ in your shower? Or maybe you're frustrated with waiting ages for your water to heat up? Well, worry no more because Auckland Plumbers Group has your back with our exciting new...

More Than Managing

In the bustling world of property management, juggling various responsibilities can be overwhelming, especially when plumbing problems arise. Auckland Plumbers Group understands the challenges Property Managers face and has come up with an innovative way to reach out...

Celebrating Our First Jingle!

Celebrating Our First Jingle!

  Can you believe it's been 10 years since our very first jingle hit the airwaves – making waves of its own? Time flies when you're fixing leaks and unclogging drains with a catchy tune in the background. Today, we're taking a stroll down memory lane to revisit the...

2024 Happy New Year

The holiday season is in full swing, and what better way to welcome the New Year than with a plumbing twist! Auckland Plumbers Group (APG) is turning up the festive spirit with a special "HAPPY NEW YEAR Jingle" brought to you by our talented female plumber,...

hera’s holiday harmony

hera’s holiday harmony

♫  Hello there, it’s Hera here, From Auckland Plumbers Group. We’re here & there with Christmas cheerAnd here’s a ‘Christmas Scoop’ ♫’Tis the season for festive tunes, and this year, Auckland Plumbers Group has added a unique twist to the holiday cheer. Meet Hera,...