pricing schedule



All prices quoted in this schedule are EXCLUSIVE of GST

Normal Hours

Plumbing, gasfitting, drainlaying, roofing

Our ‘normal’ charge hours are 7:00am to 5:00pm Monday to Friday and any pre-booked work scheduled on a Saturday. Our charges for normal hours are as follows:

  • Callout fee $60.00 (includes travel to site for the first visit)
  • Labour charge $55.00 per half hour or part thereof 

NOTE: The minimum charge is $115.00 (callout fee plus half hour labour charge)

  • Apprentice working with a tradesperson $30.00 labour charge per half hour or part thereof
  • Travel charge of $30.00 for second and subsequent visits for the same job

AFTER Hours (plumbing only)

Jobs undertaken outside our normal hours (as stated above) and not on a public holiday are charged out as follows: 

  • Callout fee $120.00 (includes travel to and from site)
  • Labour charge $110.00 per half hour or part thereof 

NOTE: The minimum charge for after-hours jobs is $230.00 (callout fee plus half hour labour charge).


Jobs undertaken on a public holiday are charged as follows (please note that these rates apply to both the actual public holiday date and the observed public holiday date):

  • Callout fee $180.00 (includes travel to and from site)
  • Labour charge $165.00 per half hour or part thereof 

NOTE: The minimum charge for public holiday jobs is $345.00 (callout fee plus half hour labour charge).

time calculation

To ensure that we calculate the time spent on your job accurately, we run GPS in all our vehicles. Our labour charges apply from the time that the tradesperson arrives on site until they leave, including the time taken to document your job.

disposal of non-recycable waste

A flat fee of $20.00 will be charged in instances where non-recyclable waste is removed from a customer’s site. 

machinery / miscellaneous

Below is a list of specialised equipment and their respective charges when used on a job (please note that these charges are additional to the labour charge):

  • CCTV camera – $150.00
  • Drainage machine – $150.00
  • CCTV camera & drainage machine combo – $250.00
  • Concrete cutter – $140.00 (includes any replacement blades)
  • Concrete breaker – $40.00
  • Wet back vacuum – $100.00

parts and consumables

You will be charged for any parts and consumables used for your job, plus any applicable delivery fees. Most standard items are stocked in our vehicles. If we are required to source parts specific to your job, you will be charged for the time taken to source these items.

customer-supplied products and materials

Please note that we do not install customer-supplied products or materials, unless by specific previous arrangement with company management. In such instances, the Master Plumbers Guarantee will not apply.

servicing of gas appliances

We recommend that all gas appliances are serviced annually, especially when they are in high use situations. Servicing should take place no less than every two years. This is consistent with the recommendations of most manufacturers.

We offer a servicing plan for all appliances that we have installed. Our service includes the checking of all safety devices, the ignition system, gas pressures, thermostats, and flues (where applicable). We will check that your appliance is running safely and well, at the same time as giving it a good clean to remove any dust, dirt and soot.


It is a legal requirement for us to issue a gasfitting certificate for all gasfitting jobs that we undertake. This gives our customers verification that the work which we have carried out is lawful and compliant. These certificates are sent to our customers for their records and are also stored by our company for a period of seven years. There are different classifications of risk for gasfitting certificates.

  • Low-risk / General
    The charge for a gasfitting certificate for such work is $50.00
    (e.g., replacement of a gas appliance, this is sometimes referred to as like-for-like gasfitting)
  • High-risk
    The charge for a gasfitting certificate for such work is $80.00
    (e.g., an addition or alteration to an existing installation)


Our payment terms are strictly 7 days from the date of our invoice, unless specifically agreed to the contrary with company management prior to the commencement of the job.

Direct deposit (internet banking) is our preferred method of payment. If you would like to pay by debit or credit card, please call our freephone number. Alternatively, you can come into our office and pay via eftpos.

NOTE:      There will be NO SURCHARGE on card payments paid on or before due date. Late card payments will be subject to a 2.5% credit card surcharge.




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