Be safe... have your gas appliances serviced

Gas servicing of appliances is really important


When servicing of gas appliances done annually, it is advantageous for maintaining safety, optimum operation, minimising wastage, avoiding breakdowns and complying with New Zealand standards and regulations. All gas appliance manufacturers recommend annual or bi-annual services.

Gas appliances such as heaters, hot water systems, and stovetops, are an essential part of many households. Their efficient and safe operation is crucial for the well-being of families.

With gas, safety is paramount. Gas leaks can be extremely dangerous or even fatal. Regular servicing can help detect any potential leaks or issues before they become hazardous. A certified gasfitter will check the appliances for gas pressure, gas leaks, faulty components and ventilation issues – ensuring that the appliance operates safely and efficiently.

In today’s economic environment every cent saved is a bonus. Regular services help ensure that gas appliances operate optimally. Appliances that are not functioning as intended by the manufacturer may use more gas than necessary, leading to unnecessary expense and carbon emissions. A well-maintained gas appliance, on the other hand, will operate efficiently, reducing gas consumption, potentially resulting in lower energy bills. By servicing gas appliances, a certified gasfitter can identify if there are any potential issues that may lead to gas wastage and recommend corrective action.

annual gas servicing can avoid unexpected breakdowns and costs

Regular services help to avoid breakdowns. Appliances that are not serviced regularly may experience sudden component failure, resulting in breakdowns or malfunction… which in turn can lead to potentially costly repairs… let alone an inconvenience. Regular services help to identify potential issues before they become major problems.

Compliance with New Zealand standards and regulations is essential. New Zealand gas regulations require that all gas appliances be installed and maintained by certified gas fitters. Failure to comply with these regulations can lead to legal and safety issues, and potentially invalidate warranties and home insurance. Landlords have an obligation to provide their tenants with a safe and healthy home – an annual service provides peace-of-mind and evidence of a due diligence.

A certified gasfitter undertaking an annual service will, at a minimum, check system settings and operating logs, clean or replace filters and inspect and lubricate moving parts. Also they will check and where necessary ‘coat’ the electrical components to extend their operating life. In addition, there will be a check of the gas consumption rates and temperature range, and the fan will also be checked if applicable. Regular services ensure the safety of families, reduce cost and inconvenience, and prolong the life of appliances.

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