Ever thought about solar water heating?

Auckland Plumbers Group can install a very efficient hot water solution at your property and, depending upon your hot water usage, you could realise savings on your hot water energy bill of up to 80%! And how can you get these savings? Simply by harnessing the sun that’s how…

We firmly believe that solar hot water is the way of the future. So much so that we have just installed a solar hot water solution, from the Smart Hot Water Company, at our workshop in Onehunga. A ‘smart-controller’ is teamed up with a ‘smart-touch display’ to allow personal control of your hot water system at the touch of a button. With superior insulation and design features, the hot water cylinder provides better efficiency than standard hot water cylinders and allows you more control than ever.

While a solar system should be the first choice for new-builds, solar hot water solutions are compelling when it comes to replacing your existing hot water system. Depending upon your usage, the system can pay for itself in as little as five years… from there on you effectively get free hot water!

Call us now to make an appointment to see how the system works… we know you’ll be impressed!

Solar Hot Water