I am sure that you will agree, there have been some right doozies in this year’s awards! Privacy issues where everyone can see your privates, ‘thrones’ that climb to new heights and design faults that are beyond belief…

We have had fun compiling these examples of cowboy workmanship and whilst these images have come from overseas, we have heard of some horror stories after work has been carried out by unregistered operators in New Zealand.

Remember, Auckland Plumbers Group tradespeople are authorised by the NZ Plumbers, Gasfitters and Drainlayers Board (PGDB).

Below we revisit all the nominees… and if you scroll down to the bottom you will see the overall winner of the Plumber of the Year (Not) Award for 2015.

We hope that the photos of the nominees have given you something to smile about :-).

Plumber of the Year - Bog roll

Nominee 1) Roll up, roll up!

PLumber of the Year - Tap this

Nominee 2) Going with the flow!

Plumber of the Year - Measure twice

Nominee 3) Measure twice, plumb once!

Plumber of the Year - I can't see you

Nominee 4) If I can’t see you, you can’t see me!


Nominee 5) Going to great lengths to reduce toilet paper use!


Nominee 6) You can clearly see right through the design fault!

Plumber of the Year Finalist

Nominee 7) But the customer said “Put it flush against the wall”!

Plumber of the Year Finalist

Nominee 8) This bathroom is certainly a step up from the last. You can see why they installed a urinal as well… and who ever would have thought to put a pedestal basin… on a pedestal… genius! Game of Thrones anyone?

The final nominees…

Plumber of the Year

Nominee 9) Spoilt for choice!

The Plumber of the Year

Nominee 10) Problem? What problem?

And the Winner is…

Plumber of the Year

WINNER: Safety first!!!