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the future of toilets

the future of toilets

A blend of sustainability, innovation, and design Water conservation, sustainability, advanced features, elegant design, and ease of cleaning are the defining pillars of the contemporary bathroom space. With advancing technology and growing environmental...

blocked drains are no joke

There are a number of causes of blocked drains, starting with tree roots. These can infiltrate the pipes and gradually cause blockages. Another cause is the accumulation of fat, oil, and grease, which, when washed down the sink or other plumbing, can solidify and...

stink radio advert

stink radio advert

Stink! Smelly drains/slow emptying sinks, tubs, baths or showers – could point to obstructions in your drainage. We have specialised vehicles to sort it out... This video features our latest radio advert outlining how our specialist drain unblocking vehicles are...

get into hot water

Have a listen to our radio advertisement for 'hot water'. Auckland Plumbers Group brings you the best solutions for all your hot water needs.Are you tired of cold showers and unreliable hot water systems? Look no further because Auckland Plumbers Group is here to save...

gas servicing jingle

gas servicing jingle

You cannot take gas appliance servicing too seriously, so to make it memorable we have set it to music! Click on the photo/video below to listen to our new radio ad, ‘Gas Appliance Servicing – The Musical’. [video width="720" height="404"...

have your gas appliances serviced annually

Gas servicing of appliances is really important   When servicing of gas appliances done annually, it is advantageous for maintaining safety, optimum operation, minimising wastage, avoiding breakdowns and complying with New Zealand standards and regulations. All...