When Andrew Durrans assumed leadership of Auckland Plumbers Group in 2013, he envisioned a transformation from a mere plumbing company to a beacon of customer service excellence. “We felt by becoming a customer services company, we would really grow as a business, both for our customers and our staff,” reflects Andrew.

This dedication to customer satisfaction bore fruit as Auckland Plumbers Group clinched the coveted 2024 New Zealand Master Plumber of the Year award at the illustrious New Zealand Plumbing Awards night, held on April 12th at the Tākina Convention Centre in Wellington.

During the ceremony, Andrew proudly accepted the magnificent Kaitiaki Award, a 55cm tall statuette of a plumber carved from a single block of pounamu (greenstone). This prestigious accolade symbolises excellence in plumbing and was named Toa Mo Te Wai Haumaru, or the Champion of Safe Water, last year.

Earning the title of New Zealand Master Plumber of the Year is no small feat, as it recognises outstanding performance in customer service, marketing, image and overall excellence in the plumbing industry. Auckland Plumbers Group’s consistent demonstration of excellence across these criteria distinguishes us as leaders in our industry.

Accepting the award
APG contingent accepting the New Zealand Master Plumber of the Year 2024 trophy on behalf of Team APG.

In his acceptance speech, Andrew emphasised Auckland Plumbers Group’s commitment to nurturing talent through apprenticeships, boasting a dedicated APG Academy led by experienced managers. “We currently have seven apprentices and a dedicated APG Academy. This is led by one of our managers to support practical and theoretical learning for our apprentices, plus continuing development for all our staff,” Andrew explained.

In addition to prioritising talent development, Auckland Plumbers Group goes above and beyond in ensuring the safety of our staff, implementing a personal alarm system for staff working alone, particularly crucial as we offer a round-the-clock service throughout the Auckland area.

Looking towards a sustainable future, Auckland Plumbers Group has embarked on initiatives to reduce waste and minimise our environmental footprint. “Our sustainability team has worked hard over the past year, as we continue to seek improvements in our processes and systems,” says Andrew. “We’re reducing the amount of waste we send to landfill, and have fully sustainable disposal solutions for metals, cardboard, soft plastic, porcelain, concrete, and polystyrene.”

As part of our commitment to positive change, Auckland Plumbers Group is dedicated to creating a lasting impact on our people, industry and community. “We provide our people with opportunity, support, training, a career, and genuine care across everything we do,” affirms Andrew.

Auckland Plumbers Group’s win at the 2024 New Zealand Plumbing Awards serves as a testament to our unwavering dedication to excellence, innovation, and service. As we continue to lead by example, we hope to inspire others in the industry to strive for greatness.

 We are extremely proud of Team APG… we’ve even created a catchy jingle (and video) that perfectly captures our joy in winning the 2024 Master Plumbers top industry award. Take a listen below or view the video on YouTube.



Listen to our ‘New Zealand Master Plumber of the Year 2024’ jingle