There are a number of causes of blocked drains, starting with tree roots. These can infiltrate the pipes and gradually cause blockages. Another cause is the accumulation of fat, oil, and grease, which, when washed down the sink or other plumbing, can solidify and gradually build up, leading to blockages over time.

Blocked drain because of root infiltration

Hair and soap scum easily get stuck in drains. When combined with fresh soap, which can leave a residue, they can cause significant blockages. Additionally, even when using garbage disposal units, large pieces of food waste can get stuck in the pipes. Over time, this waste can build up and cause an emergency. This is particularly true for certain types of food that don’t break down easily in water, such as coffee grounds and tea leaves.

Foreign objects are a common cause of blocked drains… these objects can include anything from wipes (even those labelled as ‘flushable’), sanitary products, clothing, or children’s toys.

Like many other developed countries, we also face challenges associated with aging infrastructure. Older sewer and drainage systems are more prone to blockages and breakdowns, necessitating regular un-blocking and maintenance.

Clearing blocked drains is an urgent matter! The most obvious consequences include mess, flooding, and the potential presence of raw sewage in your home or property, which can disrupt your normal way of life. Urgently dealing with a blocked drain, however, prevents property damage from overflow, eliminates foul smells, reduces health risks from bacteria, prevents pipe damage due to pressure build-up, and restores normal water flow, thereby restoring the functionality and comfort of your home.

Blocked pipe

When confronted with a blocked drain make sure your plumbing service provider is up (or ‘down’) to the job. Drain unblocking is a technical and complex task that requires skill, experience, and the use of the latest technology. It begins with the process of diagnosis.

CCTV drain inspection is an excellent tool for diagnosing blocked drains as it enables visual inspection of underground pipes without the need for invasive digging. In addition, drain snaking can reach blockages directly, helping diagnose the type and severity of the clog.

drain unblocking techniques

Hydro Jetting

This uses high-pressure water to break up the blockage and flush it out. This method is effective against grease, scale, and other build-ups.

Drain Snaking

Using durable drain snakes and augers, which can be used to break up clogs mechanically.

Drain Rodding

This technique uses flexible rods to dislodge the blockage manually.


So if you have a blocked drain, act fast and use a professional, reliable and innovative plumbing business… such as Auckland Plumbers Group.