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In today’s era of rapid climate change and environmental degradation, embracing sustainability isn’t just trendy; it’s a necessity. The Trades in general and Plumbing in particular is no exception. At Auckland Plumbers Group, we’re steadfast in doing the right thing by adopting comprehensive waste management strategies.

Reducing waste that goes to landfill is crucial for several interconnected reasons relating to climate change, as well as water and air quality.

  • Landfills emit methane, a potent greenhouse gas that exacerbates global warming.
  • Leachate from decomposing waste can contaminate groundwater supplies, compromising water quality.
  • Incineration of waste can release harmful toxins and particulates into the air, affecting air quality and public health.

Cutting down on landfill waste is a vital strategy for safeguarding the environment and well-being.

Waste Reduction Measures

Reducing Landfill Waste
Over the past six months, concerted efforts have been made to cut down waste going to landfill, some examples of our actions are:

  • Expanded Recycling: Initially, metal and cardboard were the only recycled items. Now, we’ve diversified to include porcelain, concrete, soft plastics, polystyrene, and food waste.
  • Hard Plastic Recycling: Plans are afoot to recycle hard plastics, targeted for completion before Christmas 2023.
  • Efficient Sorting: A huge emphasis has been placed on sorting items efficiently to increase the rate of recycling.

Reuse and Rethink

Recycling is just the tip of the iceberg, using less, rethinking how and why we do each job and designing for sustainability are all essential shifts in mindset. Some of our initiatives in this regard are:

  • Keep-cups for Staff: Investing in recycled keep cups for our staff has drastically reduced the number of takeaway coffee cups going to landfill.
  • Ongoing Exploration: The team is committed to sustainability, always exploring innovative ways to expand our recycling efforts.
  • Education and Awareness: Our workshop signage clearly indicates our mantra, “RETHINK – REDUCE – REUSE – RECYCLE,” guiding our approach towards sustainability.

Incorporating sustainability into our core operations reflects not only environmental responsibility but also professional commitment. While we have made substantial progress, this journey is ongoing, and we continually strive to set new benchmarks in recycling, reducing, and reusing waste materials.

For those in need of a plumbing service that aligns with these values, look no further, Auckland Plumbers Group.

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