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If you’re looking for a local gas fitter, look no further than the experienced team at Auckland Plumbers Group.

Whether it’s a continuous-flow hot water system, heating or cooking appliance, we have registered and certifying gasfitters who can install, service and maintain gas appliances in both residential and commercial environments.

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Auckland Plumbers Group can supply and install traditional hot water solutions – Both electric and gas hot water cylinders. Increasingly though, customers are opting for gas systems that produce hot water on demand… such as the Rinnai Infinity and Thermann range.

A benefit of installing a continuous gas hot water system is that you’ll never run out of hot water (as long as your gas and power supplies are continuous too).

These modern-day gas wonders are also more energy efficient with no standby heat loss. They take up less space and can even be installed on walls or outdoors. They only draw on enough gas to heat the amount of water required at any given moment. These type of systems can save up to 70%* on your water heating bill and the equipment tends to last five to ten years longer than traditional hot water cylinders.

Gas systems make perfect sense to install, especially with new-builds, renovations or when replacing clapped-out old hot water cylinders. Customers are so impressed with continuous gas hot water that many will prioritise the installation of such systems when they moving into a new property.

Please note that when upgrading from an electric hot water cylinder, consideration must be made to the new systems location. Internal systems must be in a cupboard and vented to the outside. External units have ‘positioning’ regulations that apply too. 

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Customers just love our fully-installed pricing. It takes the guesswork out of the true cost of purchasing products and having them installed. We even have pricing for installing a brand new customer-supplied gas hob or stove too.

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